Madness Affliction

2014-05-02 09:54:51 by Kelzad

Me and Gibb50 are doing a new project together! We're calling it Madness Affliction

The thing is I'm making the sprites. Gibb is going to animate the movie (or atleast most of it) C:

It's gonna be a dramatic movie with good quality sprites, a story and great animation. Most of the things are custom made and well-thought about.

We can't say when it's out, but we'll try to get through it all.


";)" -Gibb50

Walk test with the sprites < made by Gibb



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2014-05-02 10:18:35

Cool walking test. :3


2014-05-02 17:34:51

So you and Gibb50 are working together and its not porn? What happened to you guys?

Kelzad responds:

wii r nao gai lovrs cccc;;;


2014-05-02 18:21:39

@TheEB Ha, I was thinking the same thing c:


2014-05-02 22:52:45

Our parents told us off, EB ;(


2014-05-03 02:20:51

Thats so cool mayun :)

Kelzad responds:

thx mayun


2014-05-03 08:39:19

Cool sprites and test.


2014-05-08 14:32:39

Let's Talk abou your girlfriend + yer dick m8.
Nahhhhh not really. I'm gonna send you a new flash 8 version of yer sprites with some more shit I Added to it.


2014-05-24 22:05:02

You and Gibb = a great couple.
Why this looks gay, no matter how you read? xD