Talking delays

2014-05-09 15:01:26 by Kelzad

Okay. I need to pull myself together. Talking with other people really delays and suspends my animations.

I'll only talk to people who I make content with from now on. Can't promise anything :C My projects has to go quicker now. So sorry for anyone who wants to play with me, (if anyone even wants to) but I have to finish my things.

A lot of my friends/animators are really lazy with animating. I don't really get that. I LOVE to animate. It's like my favorite game, sort of says. Can understand why it's tiring and boring. Mostly because it can take a very long time to make, but also because of all the technical things going on like; layers, backgrounds, camera positions, music, masking, walking, ALL that stuff.

Maybe I like it only because I am weird. But hey, aren't we all?


So since I'm doing way more animation now, I will show you guys more stuff from me. Here's a screeny.


Test background for Madness Affliction...

I hope you will look forward to my movies...


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2014-05-09 19:07:09

For me its not boring, but sometime i don't want animate, that all...

Hope you're project gonna be finished.

Kelzad responds:

I just said 'a lot of my friends'. Not all of them. I know you like it and I hope you finish your projects as well :)


2014-05-10 17:33:08

For me it's just laziness...

Before I start animating I'm really pumped but 10 minutes into it, laziness overcomes me ;_;


2014-05-24 23:32:49

A colored background, wow, I'm surprised xD
No seriously, I thought I was looking at the news of another account xD