Thanks for 102 fans!

2014-07-27 13:19:38 by Kelzad

Ey everybody. A bit late to celebrate my 100 fans. I'm glad I got past my 100 fan milestone!

In other news, I've struggled through projects and collab parts. It's hard to tell if I can ever finish my things. So I will now work somewhat harder, to get my movies finished (including Madness Affliction).

I have fallen in love with Dark Souls <3. And I also rage a lot, because of it. Tis a great game with awesome combat systems, even though that the hitboxes are lil bit broken.

Only 2 more months to go for Madness Day 2014! :D Time flies so quickly! I'm very excited. I want to show my projects to everyone.


"Who needs a bandage, when you can get it welded back in place..." 

-Kelzad Oox



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2014-07-27 13:49:18

i told u :3, before this Madness day

Kelzad responds:

Ye you did ;3


2014-07-28 16:46:37

dude that's awesome CONGRATS :D

(Updated ) Kelzad responds:

Thanks man :]


2014-07-29 03:43:31

102?You should have more than that!


2014-07-29 03:57:26



2014-07-31 22:25:26

Awesome milestone! Good job and good luck in the future :)

Kelzad responds:

Thanks Zanz :]