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Spoken lines in REALM 5

Posted by Kelzad - January 6th, 2020

Pretty straight forward title. Don't mind this otherwise boring post!

REALM 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dMKhtBsIyI

All of the dialogue spoken in REALM 5: Revelation was performed by me, since it requires a Danish/scandinavian accent and pronounciation.

The language itself is called Nith'rantale. It is the language that the Employers speak. Nith'rantale is still under development, but has all of the basic grammatical components to make sentences. The language and linguistics take inspiration from Danish, English, Latin and other germanic languages. I do my best to keep all of the words/grammar original and/or a complete reference to a similar word somewhere else. I plan to-- one day, officially release the full language and its inner workings.

Apologies for a lot of tongue twisters in this, but I think it has a fond charm with a lot of the words being long as hell.

(The title of each Employer spoken, time-stamped, line is ordered chronologically.)

2:43 - Annulfer, Atvur




10:50 - Khepper, Fenril, Jante

"Tja sis te Tvebaerne!"

"Tja sis te Pristar... arn Odel!"

"Tya sis min!"

12:03 - Sokar (Yeelon & Kelzad confrontation scene)

“Mui denika arn valnunkir! Salonosikur tu pile irst mertamorf angelus van yltas?"

“Pragfalt dai. Sis’kelnul!”

13:51 - Sokar's monologue

“Vi fendr tu alenas. Rui vatul verandia sis nur fardilm. Tol sis mui gungen. Mui antergungel skaltu forsetul, gen tu sis te grundom irst mui odelakkel. Mui orkel. Mui kil’unka skaltu pas gottl jo tu. Tu film ilve kastot ine drener’ruse. Mui slempol film myntvalul tur rurgul bas tu film ilve een met te jorgung, ong met tur folkulm. Vi skakkul detta rurgul met mui velsakkelse. Allum skaltu ilve ber mui maerkon. Een nyver gungel jyndelul. Detta rurgul’a mangel arn sokar film ilve vaerfon. Reltitum eel mui grap, flugtulmul, skaltu brok tol’a jener irst mil. Nur, hast te p’talus ilveon vaturnon bas mui ryrtus hast ulton tist dyrp. Vi tos Her’ral bas Mer’kyrulm. Vi tos herum.”

20:57 - Raktuselm

“ANTER! Brodderus, mui kalost. Sokar hast blev utfalk’lon mot aus, aur engelere valnunkalur cur sis pile dolk. Vi pas pile far te ontella arn Apofi’ser bas Lokel, te krevirus. Vi skaltu ekskrusasul te falskebaerne!

22:07 - Hav'dolkur

“Tol hast ilveon uralus, tu sis herum. Vi hast venton jo detta gungel arl neddalon Pristar. Nur vau sis fril. Nur… te sandom valnunkir kartul.“





So it's basically like the Elvish languages, but of the Employers...

Pretty much. Tolkien played a big role, in that regard.


hi bro

@Endik55 @Kelzad Atleast, you are using it more than the Lord of the Rings movie-makers did use thier Elvish one, I swear, they used the language like two times and that was it...

Yeah, it's a great element to get you settled into the story. Especially when it's some crazed, self proclaimed god character spouting about their glory and whatnot.

you made a whole language for realm 5? that's what i call dedication

I Like Your Story and Music of Animation Movie :)

cool language tho,



this is INSANE!

Nice, no Japanese or Asian words. Good creative language.

nobody cares

текә, всім ابصق

This is brilliant.

Only @Lelokayl know, what is modern today.


Totally gay

can you add a animation link?

Now this is what you call dedication.

I'd say something sarcastic but I feel nice and will only say "have a fine morning... Evening?.. Night??? Day?.. Whatever time it is just have a good one"

I still love you

You are good person

what did I just read

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