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This a really well crafted animation! Badass. The movie lives up to the name.

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Without a doubt your best project thus far. Solid action and choreography.

An astonishing continuation from the long awaited sequel. This makes one very proud to be a part of the fandom. This installment is cool as hell, quite literally. I am very impressed with how progressive the new art style is. More rough and raw looking, which suits the series so well!

The episode leaves more questions than answers as always, departing the viewer with more engagement to figure it all out. I am very interested in the story thus far and I YEARN to watch the next episode.

An excellently crafted animation with great choreography. 10/10!

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This game reminded me of an game from 1999, which was a parody of Pac-Man. The game was a sort of maze game like this. I liked the very old school 1 block per move. Very simple game and movement. Great work!


Knuckstrike responds:

Thank you mr Kelzad. I'm glad you liked the movement: it was something I thought about changing for a while but I'm glad it worked out.

Wow this game is awesome! I like the graphics

Clicked so many times it crashed. Hah. Fun little ditty.

Cyberdevil responds:

lmao, looks like you can do all kinds of fun things with this! :D

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Pretty damn fantastic job, my man. You really pulled through this one and I promise the next one won't be this taxing!
The latter half of the soundtrack is some of the best work I've heard from you. So emotional... It was great to work with you once again.

cheshyre responds:

Dude, right back at ya. That was some epic animating you did there. And thank you for saying so. Means a lot to me.

Haven't lost your ways, old cat!

Fleetwire responds:

who you callin OLD

I know I’m real late for the party, so to speak. But this soundtrack, in my opinion, is one of the best you’ve made composition wise- and in terms of the theme. Co-op’ing on this with you was a joy, and you got the song just right. Better than what I had in mind anyway! You’ve done an incredible job.
Can’t wait for what’s next, man.

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What the fuck, you can't draw that! DONUT STEEL!!!

For real, though, can you just like transfer me all your art knowledge to me because this is sick as fuck. Flawless attention to detail!

yeah its like ok but like wheres the feet

The complexity in this is astounding!

Tja sis te Pristar!

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