Entry #144

MD17: "REALM: Illuviation"

2017-09-23 19:23:06 by Kelzad

Happy late Madness Day, everybody!

Thanks for staying patient, while I was working really hard these last 3 weeks to get REALM: Illuviation done. I'm proud to announce that the soundtrack has been provided by Cheshyre!

Is this the end...?


I'm never doing this long of a project again.

Now, I have time for other projects and videos such as basic Madness animation setup tutorials, a funny video or two, livestreams. But you gotta keep in mind that I'm just a petty student trying to crawl through life. This project has been a drag and the process of it has felt like the longest thing ever! Hope it was worth it for you folks.

Christmas Incident, as usual. I'm taking a small break from things right now, as I think I deserve it.

Hope you all have had a good Madness Day! Although not as many MC animations this year, it's still great fun.

Check out the soundtrack here!



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2017-09-23 19:26:11

I'm so proud of you, Kelzad. This is your best movie yet, and the incredibly hard work you've put into this movie really shows. This was worth the delay.

Kelzad responds:



2017-09-23 19:26:23

I love it. Thank you, Kelzad, for everything.

Kelzad responds:

Very much appreciated!!


2017-09-23 19:27:03



2017-09-23 19:36:41

Great job buddy boi! ;)

Kelzad responds:



2017-09-23 19:48:49

Where do i start
At the beginnig i have to say, that it was the best animated and sounded md movie i have ever seen, which is yours, but the zero creativity and patheic scenario putted in actually killed me.yeloon tranformation was just a tricky power rip-off. Mag transformation had no sense and was to fast and chaotic to introduce something new or interesting. Also, i was optimistic for the "demon race" (?) i saw, but you have totally wasted their idea. 2 conversation of them was definitely not enough for the movie.
Technic side wad just perfect, history one need improvements. Take the criticism as a lesson, not hate as usual from me, beacuse im hoping for something better at next madness day.You are able to do something great, good luck!

Kelzad responds:

"Zero creativity". I guess your view of creativity is just so much more creative than mine. A Tricky power rip-off? I made Sokar's character design back in 2014 and it's only mere coincidence that it might be similar to that character.
If you don't like the dialogue that's understandable, but either way, it's there to make sense for the plot.


2017-09-23 20:30:34

That was well worth waiting for! When will it be on NG? Looking forward to REALM 5.....

Kelzad responds:

Yes, I'll upload it to NG tomorrow.


2017-09-23 20:30:45

@scotteman555 I also agree, my biggest gripe is the title not having any meaning to the story of this film.

Kelzad responds:

Illuviation does have a meaning throughout the movie. Only if you think hard enough you'll get the answer.


2017-09-23 20:43:39

This movie was sooo... awful. Those dialogs and other shit was not compabile with the style of movie. 3/10 cuz of smooth animation.

Kelzad responds:

I guess the dialogue just rendered the other 9 minutes of the movie pointless, then. Huh.


2017-09-23 21:04:48

One word, WOW. That was amazing, the big reveal of Yeelon's true form was intense.
Really one upped what I thought his power limit was and how much he's holding back.


2017-09-23 21:34:12

I liked the animation but the music is kind of off putting, the dialogue was somewhat boring. However the first fight seen was its saving gracer. Overall 6/10

Kelzad responds:

I feel like I can't take your criticism to heart since it's such a "general" opinion. "The dialogue was somewhat boring". I don't know what was so boring about it and I won't know unless you point it out specifically. Oh, and it also seems like you missed the second half, 5 minutes of the video, looking at the way you didn't mention it at all.


2017-09-23 21:49:21

10/10, this is just amazing,

Kelzad responds:

Whewie, thanks!


2017-09-23 22:16:52

I am shocked you made an animation into 10 whole min the soundtrack only lasted 8 min so I guess your right never do an long project next time, May I ask you for permission to edit first of your REALM 1 to 4 into dub edition just to add an voice (And I sometimes meme it)

Kelzad responds:

You know I got it past the 10 minute mark for that extra ad revenue! I kid. Sure you can, go ahead.


2017-09-23 22:55:53

So kelzad u said u going to do animation setup tutorials right.

Kelzad responds:

Indeedy I did. Not directly Madness animation tutorials, but the general knowledge you need for a decent, organized piece of work.


2017-09-23 23:35:32

so....when do you plan to upload it here on NG?

Kelzad responds:

Bery sune, my boy.


2017-09-24 00:33:45

Really amazing

Kelzad responds:



2017-09-24 03:33:46

"Now, I have time for other projects and videos such as basic Madness animation" YES !

Kelzad responds:

JUST the basic Madness animation. Nothing else.


2017-09-24 03:43:29

The ending sukks, Unfollow.
The start is great, Follow.

Kelzad responds:



2017-09-24 05:05:14

Fact that you have "designed" sokar in 2014 changes nothing, Krinkels did it in 2006.

Kelzad responds:

It's a Joker and Batman concept, it's been done many times before outside of Madness too.


2017-09-24 05:47:59





the introduction of salts or colloids into one soil horizon from another by percolating water.

Sure if you say so LOL

Kelzad responds:

"Accumulation of dissolved or suspended soil materials in one area or horizon as a result of eluviation from another". When Yeelon spawns portals, the mag agent Freyr and when Sokar reveals himself.


2017-09-24 05:55:07

I know but i just love watching someone else animating for some reasons lol


2017-09-24 06:39:26

The movie was awesome, I love the design of Sokar in his purple demon form.

You deserve a 10/10 for the great work and the effects.

Kelzad responds:

Thank you!


2017-09-24 07:52:15

I get what it means just think it's The wrong use of the word.

Kelzad responds:

So you think the "The wrong use of the word" ruins the entire movie? Ok.


2017-09-24 08:11:25


Here you go m8

Kelzad responds:

I'll sue you.


2017-09-24 08:37:21

Hue Hue what a story mark. That's not what I said. I could make a whole video about my dislikes if you like

Kelzad responds:

You're a silly man, you.


2017-09-24 08:41:14

Good job my dude, love it.

Kelzad responds:



2017-09-24 09:22:21

it was a alright I guess, but when is realm 5 gonna come out

Kelzad responds:

There's a special kind of hell from you.


2017-09-24 09:40:00

Man, Your best animation yet, I AM SOKARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


2017-09-24 12:36:27

It was an okey-dokey animation, but really, you should listen to general crticism, its not hate.

Kelzad responds:

I don't think it's hate, other than if it's just nitpicky review. I can understand if you think the pacing is slow or something like that, though.


2017-09-24 13:00:53

I mean, just take what people say in consideration, kryy's review was obviously agressive and he had some personal anger to express there, but some of the things he said were worth to check and improve.
Good luck!

Kelzad responds:

He already stated on a Discord server that he was joking.


2017-09-24 14:35:57

Well you did it in ten minutes which is not impressive lol but smoothness pacing etc. was better and faster. But that "SOKAR" whatever thing was rip-off again, non-madness but still. These dialogues were not bad at the beggining but then the: RUN KELZAD RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN! Was not funny or i was just confused :p
Some of the things i agree with @xKirxeee

If you have sumthin´ problemo about this comment, then i was just confused


2017-09-24 16:29:18

Even though I'm not a big fan of the ending, I can't deny the fact that the animation was gorgeous. You did a pretty gud job, Kelzad.


2017-09-24 18:01:15

I'd like to say that my previous comment was a little bit harsh and the issues with the animations not nearly as bad as I thought it was at the time I made the review. A little tip to everyone here make sure you well rested before making a review being tired makes everything look a lot more sluggish than it actually is. The animation quality was fine and actually there was an overall slight improvement over the animation when compared to Realm 3. I'm deleting my previous review as I feel a lot of my criticism is well incorrect and made by someone who had roughly 1 hour of sleep in the previous 2 days.


2017-09-24 19:13:21

Sokar looks great. How long did it take you to draw him?


2017-09-25 10:42:33

I don't see how it is a "Zero creativity". I can agree that the sokar character is a ripoff off the tricky monster. My only criticism is that some parts were fast and that the ending could've been done better.
You can take these criticisms like a "look out" for the next realm or your next christmas movie.


2017-09-25 12:04:48

I cannot see how the illuviation relates to the episode in anyway illuviation is the deposition of colloids, soluble salts and otherwise suspended materials in a lower soil horizon through a process of downwards movement, from a upper soil horizon. I don't see what illuviation has to do with realm. and there isn't much moving up or down besides Sokar floating around and Kelzad a few times when he's being knocked around. The orign of the word doesn't bring much clarity either, illuviation is a combination of illuvies which means dirt and luvies which means to wash. I have however concluded an theory, perhaps Illuvation revers to Sokar leeching power out of Nevada? Or perhaps at the end when the Employers stated "Take back what is ours" they are leeching power out of Sokar or something inside the science tower?


2017-09-25 14:13:17

Why does the name fucking matter?

Like Jesus fucking christ man with those stupid ass comments, Maybe he picked the name because he liked it or some shit.


2017-09-26 15:58:14

@scotteman555 and I thought I was nitpicking hard haha


2017-09-26 17:47:18

The name really doesn't matter to much but a lot of the time it has a meaning relating to the episode and could foreshadow things. Just me trying to decode things for people who are interested, nothing more.


2017-09-26 17:49:41

I wasn't really nitpicking I could have worded to better show that I wasn't i was simply trying to decode the hidden meaning of the title if one exists. Has no correlation with the quality of the animation as a whole.


2017-09-30 06:16:47

"Vi engel decru, vi taltt got, vi TOS Sokar!"

What does that mean?


What lenguage is that?

Kelzad responds:

It's a made up language. Combination of Latin and Danish. Employernese, if you will.


2017-09-30 11:33:33

seems your hard work paid more than enough, well done
*claps like a tea sipping A-hole*


2017-10-01 15:53:55

Ra: Oh Sokar took the world? Fool! You dare to lecture me about that shit?


2017-10-14 18:35:52

if this is a end or not the end MD18


2017-10-22 14:17:59

click the picture of kelzad and you'll get a surprise.

Kelzad responds:

Yes, me.


2017-10-25 23:44:17

Hey kelzad.

Sooo.. first of all nice animation as an madness fan from the very beginning your pretty mutch the only one who had a real effort put into it. My birthday is 26 september so I Always saw madness Day videos as some kind of birthday present hahaha lol. I was very dissapointed to see only 1 or 2 videos this year after so mutch waiting while krinkels is busy with PN2 probably why he doesnt make Madness combat series I know he is working on a new one but whenever he is gonna post it IDK .... so yeah as mutch as I love Madness as I said I am very dissapointed in so less content and I know your an student and im not an animator but still know how hard it is to make something like this so I still apreciate what you have done. I actually wanted to say a lot more but dont want to make this comment longer than it already is ( I also have just a little bit critisicm xD ) keep it up man.

Kelzad responds:

Well, I’m sorry you didn’t feel like there were enough movies this year. It’s kinda out of my control, although, I’m doing my best to inspire others.


2017-10-27 14:49:46

never make another cunt i hate you xxx

Kelzad responds:



2018-02-19 12:09:33

can you post your realm sprites like kelzad and yeloon