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My name is Kelzad Oox. I'm 15 years old. You can find my YouTube channel in the 'Contact Info'.


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If you're willing to know what happened before Project 00X, then please read the story below. I don't think that this could be a good madness movie, so I made it a short story instead. I'll be working on the next episode instead.

Somewhere in Nevada…


Long time ago, before Zalmamdar Oox even started his career as the co-owner for the Projects going on in the Nexus Tower, Zalmamdar had a past. And a horrifying one too.


Years ago, when Zalmamdar was nothing but a grunt, he served his master, Phobos. All the way back before the passing of the Sheriff, Zalmamdar was known as Callisto. He was good friends with an infamous man called Rich. Callisto and Rich mostly were a part of a little group called NEXUS Incorporated, until later, when it was renamed to A.A.H.W.


Callisto didn’t strive to be anything better than what he already was. Although he looked up to the higher ranks as agents. There was a new word going around, that there was a new unit coming along, known as 1337 agents. Everyone, of course, were looking forward to it. You would get a better ranking, more access, better raises. Rich didn’t look very much forward to that, since he wanted it to be, like what it has always been like. So he proved himself by killing off some mercenaries, all by himself. After that he got the ‘employee of the month’ title. He had been getting that for several months now and didn’t intend to stop getting better. Callisto and Rich were still good friends and finally, when the new rankings came along, they were above all else.


After a few months, Rich got killed by Hank J. Wimbleton (Hank’s first 1337 agent kill). Callisto swore to himself, that he would take revenge.


Years later, the A.A.H.W. had been looking for Hank, but never found any sign of him. Callisto was still driving after the biggest and best ranks, like everyone else. But he had been there longer and had better luck than the other units. Then, there was an alert going on. Hank had been spotted in one of the buildings around the Nexus area. It was on the far east, beside the old digging area, which hadn’t been used for years. All the units were ordered to immediately move out and face death itself. ‘Hail to the master!’ the speakers kept repeating. The A.A.H.W. still didn’t have a leader at that time, but there were votes going on, even though nobody really cared about it.


On the way to the old digging area, the units heard that Hank had been put down by an old assassin called Hoffnar. The A.A.H.W started evacuating units out of the area via. trains, but as soon as they did, Hank came back to kill more units. Callisto never got to be at the site, but the battalion heard it over the communication devices they had.


After a couple of minutes, the trains were gone. It’s said that Hoffnar took them in order to fulfill his goal, and Hank was nowhere to be found. Other than that, there was a big crashing site at the building that was being evacuated. Noone was found alive.


‘Weird Events’ told by Zalmamdar Oox

“It had been one hour, and we got good news. There was a new upgrade available for our units. The shades we had equipped, got turned from crimson red, to scarlet red. It was now easier to fight, for some reason. It felt like we had been given better battling techniques, and more intelligence.

I was called in by the new CEO we just got under the attack. Nobody knew where he came from, but he was apparently just there. I went over to his HQ out in the open fields and saw that he was not of any human life form. He was made of pure, black flames. His name was The Auditor. Like in a trance, I didn’t seem to notice it, but it was weird.”

Callisto was then confronted by The Auditor, to be the new co-owner of a new project called ‘Project Nexus’. Callisto was told that he had a higher intelligence than the other agents and got offered the job as leader of scientist. When Callisto accepted the offered, his body was overwhelmed by black flames.

Like in a snap, he woke up in a sealed glass tube. A tube filled with saltwalter. He had life support gear attached to his body, and he had no idea what was going on. A few minutes had passed and a door opened to the right of him. A man in ragged clothes and steel helmet walked up to Callisto. He just glared at Callisto for a few moments. He then said: Zalmamdar, come down to me.” in a very distorted voice. Callisto just realized that it was Phobos who was talking to him. Callisto couldn’t speak, but he had his hands clenched to the glass tube and mouthed out: “Where am I?”


Callisto was then pulled up by two men, in fully worn body armor. They were wearing masks made of harsh metal, with small visors for eye protection. Phobos seemed to be bigger than he remembered and proceeded on to follow him, as he was told. Callisto was represented with a proper scientist coat at his office. “Lead the people, Zalmamdar. Do what will help the cause, for the best, for the master…”

And from there, Phobos renamed Callisto to Zalmamdar Oox.


A few days later, Zalmamdar examined what the ‘Halo’ that Jebus had been wearing, was made of. The library contained a few notes that explained how it was assembled together. It managed to take Zalmamdar only a few days to make exactly two copyies of the original Halo.

The Halo was based of of many different sorts of alloys and metals. Zalmamdar figured that it was best to melt them both down, to use them for experiments later. He then proceeded on with an old test subject known as, Codename 324, Mekyr, Yeelon. Yeelon used to be a unstable mental speciment. He was once a grunt in a battalion, that was on their way to crush Hank J. Wimbleton.

Zalmamdar thought that it would be a great idea to insert the liquified Halo substance into Yeelon blood canals and lungs. It was, in an instant, a failed experiment they had been dealing with. Yeelon could feel the power going through his body, his insanity made him stronger. He couldn’t feel anything else besides destruction

Yeelon’s glass tube filled with water, started to illuminate very brightly. The ground trembled beneath everyone’s feet. An explosion made everything shake, and Yeelon had escaped his chamber. Two other imprisoned experiment had been released. Though, the second had died by getting a glass shard flung into their head.

Zalmamdar knew that he had to put them down. And so he commenced by alerting every single unit in the Nexus Tower. Every single unit was set to be chasing the pair down...


Zalmamdar Oox's past

Written by Kelzad Oox

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