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Kelzad's News

Posted by Kelzad - March 21st, 2018

New short!!! Very exciting, indeed.



Posted by Kelzad - January 19th, 2018

As some of you know, my Incident was delayed due to lack of motivation.

But I've picked it up for real not so long ago, and now there's maybe about 1-2 weeks max work until its release on here and YouTube. Just wanted to give an update on that. I'm excited to release this 3 minute animation, with once again, Cheshyre to provide me with a kickass soundtrack.

So stay tuned. If you have turned on notifications on YouTube, and/or you're on the GP Discord chat you should see it as soon as it's uploaded.



Posted by Kelzad - September 23rd, 2017

Happy late Madness Day, everybody!

Thanks for staying patient, while I was working really hard these last 3 weeks to get REALM: Illuviation done. I'm proud to announce that the soundtrack has been provided by Cheshyre!

Is this the end...?


I'm never doing this long of a project again.

Now, I have time for other projects and videos such as basic Madness animation setup tutorials, a funny video or two, livestreams. But you gotta keep in mind that I'm just a petty student trying to crawl through life. This project has been a drag and the process of it has felt like the longest thing ever! Hope it was worth it for you folks.

Christmas Incident, as usual. I'm taking a small break from things right now, as I think I deserve it.

Hope you all have had a good Madness Day! Although not as many MC animations this year, it's still great fun.

Check out the soundtrack here!



Posted by Kelzad - July 25th, 2017

It's out.



Posted by Kelzad - May 24th, 2017

We made it everyone! Thanks so much to all of you <3
Can't believe we made it! Big thanks to the GP members, @clatform and @cheshyre for pushing through this! My next movie will be REALM: 4, so stay tuned!

Vote 5, on Newgrounds, as usual ;)

PS: Take a listen to Cheshyre's soundtrack from the collab here!: 



Posted by Kelzad - December 25th, 2016

In case you boys haven't seen it, here's my Christmas movie featuring DarkSignal's N51 agent from Project Nexus 2.

Merry Christmas and see y'all in 2017!

3094968_148407373853_discordicon.png Don't forget you can join the Green Pepper Discord channel, where you can talk to others!

Posted by Kelzad - September 25th, 2014

If you want to know what happened before Project 00X, then please read the story below. I don't think that this would work as a madness movie, so I made it a short background story instead. This story is still in development and will be updated from time to time.



Some time back, before Zalmamdar Oox was positioned as the Head Scientist for the AAHW, in the Science Tower, Zalmamdar had another name. Zalmamdar used to be nothing but a grunt who served the Sheriff. All the way back before the name "Auditor" was heard, Zalmamdar was known as Callisto Ferrer.
He was good friends with a man called Rich. Callisto and Rich were a part of an organization called 'NEXUS Incorporated', until later it was renamed to the 'AAHW' after the incident with Hank.



Somewhere in Nevada…

Callisto was a man with very high intelligence and was an engineer. Rich was practically the main leader of an area in the NEXUS base they were in. There was new word going around, that there would be a new position, known as 1337 agents. Callisto didn't care much for it but his friend Rich looked very much forward to it. Rich was in the highest rank of the grunts and seemed likely to be one of the first agents. He later got the ‘Employee of the month’ title.

A month had passed, and Callisto hadn't seen Rich until a week after they heard the Sheriff was dead. Callisto saw Rich getting out of the transit station. Callisto walked up to him.

"So what'd they serve daily you at North Point?" Callisto started off the chat with Rich. "Ruby rose cocktails and pulled pork?" Callisto cheekily said to Rich. Rich stared blankly back at him.
"I was transferred back here after the "Hank" problem. Lots of good guys died to this fucking guy. I couldn't even get a shot at him before he massacred the whole god damned place. The Jebus guy took care of him in the end." Rich ended the sentence by flicking the cigarette out of his hand. "If you had been there yourself, you wouldn't laugh anymore."

Rich then went off without saying goodbye. It was as if Rich had forgotten who he was to him. Callisto had hoped to greet his good friend again but was met with a changed man. He thought, and hoped, that Rich would come back to his usual senses sooner or later.


Callisto was in the meantime a weapons manufacturer. It was the highest rank within the weapons engineering department.

After a month, Hank infiltrated the building complex that had a secret disco in one of the basements that the grunts had taken advantage of. Rich was in charge of that base and kept the disco secret from his superiors as he was bribed to keep it secret. Despite all this, Hank had infiltrated the building and brutally killed Rich like any of his other victims. Even as strong and skilled Rich was, he stood no chance against Hank. After this, Callisto sought out to avenge his lost comrade.


A couple weeks later, the AAHW had stopped looking for Hank. Callisto was manufacturing and making new weapons for the AAHW. It was tough work. The leadership of the AAHW had switched to a man named the Auditor. The sudden change in leadership did oddly enough not raise any questions from the organization's employees.

An alert had been initiated. Hank had been spotted in one of the buildings around the digging area. All the units were ordered to immediately move out to deal with Hank. However Hank kept coming back after all of these deaths was a complete mystery to everyone. But they followed orders, nonetheless.


On the way to the old digging area via the unit transport trains, it was heard that Hank had been taken care of by Tricky; an abominable clown-like man that had been altered to become a super human of some sort. The AAHW refuses to talk further about this matter.

The AAHW began to recruit more agents to expand. It had been weeks, and the AAHW had no goal anymore other than to expand their company and their government. Callisto had his theories.



"I was called in by the leader of the Auditor while we were under attack. Nobody knew what he looked like or had met him in person. When I greeted him for the first time at his office I saw that he was not of any human life form. He had a humanoid shape, but was not a man of flesh. He was a being of pure fire. I was confused by the whole thing, but he seemed to need something of me.”

Callisto was then confronted by The Auditor, and had asked Callisto to take the postion of Head Scientist for a project called "Project Nexus". Callisto was then told by the Auditor to take the position from Phobos. What "Project Nexus" was, was not exactly clear. When Callisto accepted the offer, his body was covered by black flames.

Later he woke up in a sealed glass tube. A tube filled with water. He had life support gear attached to his body, and he had no idea what was going on. A few minutes had passed and a door opened to the right of him. Phobos walked up to Callisto. He just glared at Callisto for an awkward amount of time. Callisto couldn’t move and asked himself: “Where am I?”


Callisto was then pulled up by two agents. Phobos ordered Callisto to follow him, as he was told. Phobos appeared bigger than he was seen as on their logs. Callisto realized that they were at the top of the tower, the Solarium. Phobos asked Callisto again if he was committed to the task. Callisto accepted the offer, once again. This meant that Callisto would be staying in the tower until the day he died.

And from there, Phobos renamed Callisto Ferrer to Zalmamdar Oox, as a reborn man. After that, Phobos left and was then transferred over to the Nexus city as city overwatch.

Zalmamdar was then escorted to his research lab and on his way remembered the Auditor's demand to continue Project Nexus that was unfinished. Standing in a room with other scientists waiting for his command, with full attention, was new to Zalmamdar. He was not prepared for this. He ignored the Auditor's orders to continue the project and would instead figure out what the internal AAHW and Nexus was really up to.

Though Zalmamdar was now a key part of the AAHW he didn't support their cause fully after he saw the Auditor. He didn't trust him as he noticed he was "not even human". This makes Zalmamdar wonder if that was related to Jebus's rebellion against the Auditor, and why he tried to take down the Auditor.

Zalmamdar was given the "Nano Improbability Drive" to "fully analyse oddities" by the Auditor. Zalmamdar was wondering if he could find information that he wasn't supposed to find. After some cryptic descriptions Zalmamdar read from the Nano Improbability Drive's analysis he made of the Auditor, he found out that the Auditor is one of the "Employers". The Auditor had never thought to hide that fact from him. This will have been the death of the Auditor to give Zalmamdar this new device and authority.

The Employers are servants of the High who betrayed the High and absorbed its powers. The Employers were apparently originally beings created by the High, and Zalmamdar found out that they did not exist in this world, but in their own Realm. But how the Auditor came to the mortal world is unknown. Zalmamdar saw the bigger picture and knew they are a much greater threat to the world than the Auditor and Hank combined. So he sought out to destroy the AAHW by killing it from within, somehow. He kept it to himself to get rid of the Auditor. Zalmamdar had studied Jebus's powers and capabilites, how he fought the Auditor to begin with. However, no clear evidence showed on how to truly kill an Employer. 

Zalmamdar had also theorized that the High is not fully dead and is still imprisoned by the Employers. His new mission now was to free the High from the Employers's captive.


The plan to try and convince the agents to turn on the Auditor wouldn't be easy. Instead Zalmamdar would create a cloning facility and an experimentation center where he could modify and create new, stronger humans that would obey him, and him only, in the end. The Nano Improbability Drive was a great information source on how to invent this. He commanded the scientists to start this new project. They did his bidding.

A few days later, Zalmamdar started to research what the ‘Halo’ is. To see the what ancient artifact was made of and how to create one. With the funding the AAHW had it would not be impossible. Some forgotten, archived notes containing a few ideas and theories could explain what it was capable of and how it achieved such powers. It managed to take Zalmamdar a couple of weeks to make exactly two copies of the original Halo, although they were still fluids. The two new Halos Zalmamdar crafted was made out of very expensive elements and alloys. He had figured that it was best to store them to be used for experiments later.

After some days research Zalmamdar had found out how to clone people, in which he called the project: "A.T.P." (Accelerated Training Program). Though, the only way he could create a clone was through tissue samples. If he was planning to keep the project's real purpose between him and the clones, he had to clone himself multiple times. Now he saw where his destiny had lead him to; the only way to make the agents turn against the Auditor, was to become the agents. So he had planned to implant the plans of taking down the Auditor and freeing the High from the Employers into the ATP clones's brains. They would keep that information secret from everyone besides Zalmamdar.

Zalmamdar knew that the only way to be able to clone himself countless times was to amputate something of himself. Blood, bones and flesh. Surgically removing his own hand was something he was committed to do. Zalmamdar planned to replace his hand with a mechanical one, so he wouldn't be handicapped.

After that realization, he amputated his left hand.

One of the Halos he had, he halved and put the one half into his mechanical hand to be able to power it up without having to recharge it. The mechanical hand now had a small amount of the powers Jebus and Hank had. But not fully. Zalmamdar was afraid of these new powers and didn't want to use them unless nescessary. The other half went into his side project that he called: "The Charger". It would be a weapon to fight the Employers in melee combat, so they could fend them off. Only one pair of the Chargers for one or two people could be made since the AAHW didn't have any more funding to spare to find more of the raw materials needed to make more Halos.

Being succesful in the cloning proceedure, the first clone Zalmamdar created, he named after himself. That clone was called Kelzad Oox and labelled ATP-0001. Kelzad had the image of Zalmamdar but younger. All of the clones would look like this. Lastly, Zalmamdar implanted the Nano Improbability Drive into Kelzad's cerebral peduncle so he would gain god-like powers and abilities. How they would take place is totally unpredictable and Zalmamdar knows he is taking a major risk by doing so, but did it anyway since the NID has done its purpose. Zalmamdar would use the cloning facility as a facade to the Auditor to delay Project Nexus.



The cloning process did not take long and Kelzad had been waiting a couple of weeks, so far, in his tube, building up and being upgraded as time went by. Zalmamdar fed loads of information; combat wise, and the layout of the Science Tower into Kelzad's memory banks. There, Kelzad would continuously become stronger and more intelligent over time meanwhile lesser ATP units, though smarter than l33t agents, would be planted as leaders into the Auditor's arsenal.

Zalmamdar then proceeded on to the test subjects and inspected them all to find any weaknesses or any strengths physically and mentally before he would begin an autopsy. As he inspected them all with the Nano Improbability Drive he found something truly peculiar in one of the subjects. "324, Huffman, August". August suffers from psychosis and other mental illnesses. He was a strong grunt in a newly established ATP/1337 battalion that was on their way to pursue Hank a week ago. He had betrayed his commanders by killing the ATP engineers, for unknown reasons, and was stored here in the tower, imprisoned. 

Zalmamdar were aware of this subject previously and was intrigued. He studied it closer with the Nano Improbability Drive. August was possessed by one of the Employers known as "the Maker" by the NID. Zalmamdar was not aware of this and of the Maker's abilities and what it was capable of. As he found out that he was one of the Employers, Zalmamdar wanted to establish contact to the Employer immediately. He turned off the test tubes stasis setting. Even though the subject would normally have woken up during the revival process, the subject fell to the floor instead. It seemed like he was still in coma and would stay like that.

August would need another method of revival if Zalmamdar were to make contact with the Maker. If Zalmamdar could even make the Employer join his cause then he would have made an excellent ally. It was vital to Zalmamdar's plans.

Zalmamdar wanted to give the subject August a new identity. He would call him Yeelon Mekyr. Just like Phobos did with Zalmamdar. "Mekyr" would be the surname to any Higher Power that joined Zalmamdar's ranks.

Hank was once again spotted and there was an urgent warning. Hank had been ressurrected.

Resurrected by Tricky. 

Hank had infiltrated a building full of agents next to where he died last time. Callisto wasn't at the site, but he heard it over their radios. A few minutes later, the transportation train was gone, used to transport agents from the AAHW barracks to the digging site, was all gone and was nowhere to be found. Even the train tracks had completely vanished.


A few days passed and Zalmamdar had gotten an idea on how to revive Yeelon. He would use the remaining liquified Halo he had kept on him. The Halo would surely make the Maker react to its effects. 

Zalmamdar wanted to experiment how the Halo substance would work if it was injected into Yeelon's blood canals and lungs. Zalmamdar initiated the revival. It was, in an instant, getting out of control. Yeelon could feel the substance flowing through his body, his insanity made him more powerful.

Yeelon's tube started to illuminate very brightly. The ground trembled beneath everyone’s feet. The explosion Yeelon caused made everything shake and he had escaped his tube. Kelzad and codename 765's (Pleex) tubes also shattered. Though 765 had died because a glass shard that had flung into their head, Kelzad lived and was awake.


Kelzad and Yeelon had both breached their containment. This had completely gotten out of hand.

But Zalmamdar knew that he had to put them down, even if it was against his own will. He knew that they were too dangerous to keep alive, unknowing of their position. And he proceeded to do so, by alerting every single unit in the Science Tower. Every single unit was set on high alert to chase the pair down. For he knew what the worst case scenario would lead to...


Written by Kelzad Oox


Posted by Kelzad - September 1st, 2014

Time to bring in the big guns! Coming soon... (hopefully)