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So... since I'm making progress on my Christmas Incident, I've decided to continue the livestream series, which is my second part of the four-parter livestream animation series... Tomorrow!

4th November, at 7PM GMT+1


MD17: "REALM: Illuviation"

2017-09-23 19:23:06 by Kelzad

Happy late Madness Day, everybody!

Thanks for staying patient, while I was working really hard these last 3 weeks to get REALM: Illuviation done. I'm proud to announce that the soundtrack has been provided by Cheshyre!

Is this the end...?


I'm never doing this long of a project again.

Now, I have time for other projects and videos such as basic Madness animation setup tutorials, a funny video or two, livestreams. But you gotta keep in mind that I'm just a petty student trying to crawl through life. This project has been a drag and the process of it has felt like the longest thing ever! Hope it was worth it for you folks.

Christmas Incident, as usual. I'm taking a small break from things right now, as I think I deserve it.

Hope you all have had a good Madness Day! Although not as many MC animations this year, it's still great fun.

Check out the soundtrack here!


REALM: 4 Trailer!

2017-07-25 17:40:58 by Kelzad

It's out.


25,000 subscribers!

2017-05-24 16:22:33 by Kelzad

We made it everyone! Thanks so much to all of you <3
Can't believe we made it! Big thanks to the GP members, @clatform and @cheshyre for pushing through this! My next movie will be REALM: 4, so stay tuned!

Vote 5, on Newgrounds, as usual ;)

PS: Take a listen to Cheshyre's soundtrack from the collab here!: 


Turning 18 y/o

2017-03-24 11:29:30 by Kelzad

I'm a big boy now, and oh boy, does it not make a difference at all!
Thanks to all the friends and fans who wished me happy birthday! Same to you guys on the Green Pepper Discord.

Thanks to @Cymbourine, my gf, as well, for the drawing underneath!


Gibb50 and Swf both woke me up to this btw lmao


Gibb50, he is Zalmamdar (top)
Swf, she is Jack Wernicke (bottom)

While taking care of the next REALM episode, I also gotta take care of adulthood now, wew. But everything will go well. Gotta take care of some drama that has stirred up recently, however. Have a good weekend, fellas!

Q&A Livestream with Kelzad and Gibb50 on the 25/02 at 8PM! (1+ GMT)

2017-02-23 11:30:17 by Kelzad

Join me and Gibb50 on Saturday at 8PM (1+ GMT) where we answer questions and I animate flames at the same time.

Watch it here:


800 fans

2017-02-01 01:25:57 by Kelzad

Whoa my dudes, 800 fans, that's pretty wild xd

Though in all seriousness, thank you guys. It's a big accomplishment to me. Don't fret, by the way, because I've been a bit inactive on this site lately. I'm still very active on the GP Discord server, and I have a few projects beside REALM: 4 that I'm working on currently.

I have been thinking lately whether or not I should do a Q&A livestream while I animate effects for REALM: 4. Guess you guys have something in mind.


Take care, my dudes. I'll be on the Discord if you're desperate for more Madness content. I go in the voice chat once every while, and some of the GP members do so, as well. Again, thank you guys for sticking with me for a while. Depending on what happens, I hope to have a video out in a month or so.

~Until next time!


2016-12-25 08:57:59 by Kelzad

In case you boys haven't seen it, here's my Christmas movie featuring DarkSignal's N51 agent from Project Nexus 2.

Merry Christmas and see y'all in 2017!

3094968_148407373853_discordicon.png Don't forget you can join the Green Pepper Discord channel, where you can talk to others!

New Official GP Madness Discord chat!

2016-11-26 14:08:16 by Kelzad

Click here to join!

So finally you can interact with me and the rest of the Green Pepper members directly! I have created this public chat, to have animators help other animators. Even non-madness folks can somewhat get helped out there, but don't expect anything else besides technical issues about Flash.


Really excited to see what memes you guys have to offer. Just don't expect the rest of GP to be there 24/7, though I'll try to be there most of the time.

In other news...

Me and Gibb50 held a livestream on Green Pepper earlier today. You can watch it here:


Working on something

2016-11-14 14:34:44 by Kelzad

Currently in progress. Big progress.


EDIT: Also to anyone who didn't see on Twitter, someone made a biography of the two REALM characters: